eSPORT IRON BULL ½ Rack, Cross Fit, 3” x 3” (11 Gauge)


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eSPORT IRON BULL ½ Rack, Cross Fit, 3” x 3” (11 Gauge)

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eSPORT IRON BULL ½ Rack, Cross Fit, 3” x 3” (11 Gauge)

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eSPORT IRON BULL ½ Rack, CrossFit, 3” x 3” (11 Gauge) Not Available in Retail stores Only available eSPORT DIRECT Kelowna Warehouse pick up, delivery set up is optional Unparalleled Specification at this eSPORT Direct price on $595.00 plus tax a. Olympic Rack with additional extra options available b. Dip Heavy Duty station $95.00 (extra cost) c. Land mine Attachment $65.00 (extra cost) d. 3” x 3” Gauge 11 all rack components e. Laser cut location number from top to bottom f. Extra holes to fasten Rack to concrete floor g. Hight 90” h. Width 50” i. Length 54” j. Color Black and Red k. Weight Capacity: 1,000 + lbs l. To Order Go To m. n. Shipping cost is calculated during ordering process Better then traditional squat stands and power racks, the fully redesigned eSPORT IRON BULL 250 features over-sized 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights, 1” hardware,(Metric 24 mm) and a bolt-together base with triangle plates for maximum stability. Each 90” upright of our Premium quality IRON BULL 250 model also now includes a keyhole design down the side (for greater flexibility with a wider array of new attachments), along with a new Uprights in OLD TEXTURE RED BRICK COLOR and Black powder coat finish. The unit’s base, triangle plates, and cross members feature the Black powder coat finish, as well. This is a compact but most functional squat rack great for large affiliates and training facilities or a garage gym with ample ceiling height.

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